entete Sfax

Sfax World Capital of Olive Oil

The olive oil is one of main natural resources of the area. The governorate of SFAX takes place in the first row of the producing regions of olive oil (38, 5 % of the agricultural production with more than 200 000 tons). In fact, SFAX supplies the third party of the national production of olive oil.

An Outstanding Cultural Wealth


The city of SFAX, formerly SYPHAX (strengthened place) to the Berbers and TAPARURA to the Romans, grew from a rich historical heritage. Indeed, it is from the 19th century, when the city of Sfax, saw the building of its actual cultural configuration, in particular from the construction of ramparts by the Romans, to strengthen the city front of the aggressors arrival.

After having been dominated by Prince Normand Roger de Sicile (1148), it had been reintegrated in the Moslem culture (Hence the name of SFAX). These ramparts let place to a contemporary design which enriches the historic image of the city, in particular with Bab Diwan (West side) and Bab Jebli (East side). What makes this marathon original and unique. An outstanding experience, because it is a travel within the heart of one of the most beautiful Arabo-Andalous Medina from Bab Al Diwan. The race makes you discover all these wonderful landscapes, while raising the fields of olive trees and a desert as far as the eye can see.

A City with a High Potential

SFAX can really be considered as a dynamic commercial pole, which fully plays its distributor’s role in the center and the South of Tunisia. The wholly region is impregnated by the history of this urban core which knew years more prosperous from the 10th century because of its economic vitality. SFAX was the heart of worldwide exchanges and as Ali ZOUARI in 1990 very well underlined it, SFAX was and stays: “a desert support and a relay towards the east “. The city makes an influence on its immediate surroundings and can extent its scope of action on the bordering countries and even to whole continents (Africa, the Middle East and Europe).

The opening of SFAX exchanges doubled by a wealth and by a variety of productive tissue is clearly a real additional value for all country. This being accentuated by the decisions took about regionalization and in globalization of the national economy. SFAX benefits of infrastructures because its maritime interface which multiplies its chances of commercial connections with the rest of the world and in particular for the conquest of foreign investors. To not forget, SFAX represents an excellent open door towards the Libyan market, which is very promising with a 5.4 % of growth recorded in 2011. The privileged connection between SFAX and TRIPOLI is a significant factor for the economic development of the Tunisian city. Sectors like oil engineering, food industry, NTIC and medical are promising activities which will encourage the competition and the exchanges between these two cities. Doubtless, they could claim one day to become two Mediterranean metropolises economically viable.

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