Capital of Arabian Culture 2016

At dusk, just after breaking the fasting state, Ramadan evening in front of thousands of spectators positioned in the streets of the city and all around the Medina ramparts, a start against Municipality of Sfax, passing through the great door of Bab El Diwan, the ramparts of the medina, podiums world music in inner city neighborhoods … The city, its people, her youth will welcome you for an unforgettable evening.

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Sfax by Night 2015  Medina Run – this is more than a race. It is a short time to stay a weekend, it’s culture, a feast of music and festivals.  Sfax is one of the the most beautiful Mediterranean cities, a town and medina of more than 3000 years of history, sophisticated.

The city of Sfax,  previously SYPHAX (fortified place) in Amazigh and TAPARURA among the Romans, was growing a rich historical heritage.

Indeed, it is from the the IXth century, the city Sfaxian, has been building its cultural configuration today, especially since the construction of walls by aghlabides to fortify the city against the attackers arrived.

Sfax by Night

builds a bridge among various quarters, between sport, culture and history of a city around her youth. Taking part in this great race event in this dynamic and authentic town, several musical groups to help you discover the feast of Ramadan in Tunisia.

We are pleased to welcome you to Sfax!

For this second year, Sfax by Night 2015 Medina Run wish you welcome in Sfax, we offer a quality program and an evening of relaxation and fun. You choose your race is the 2.5 Km  5 km  or 10 km races .

Register as soon as now to be sure to take the start of Sfax by Night 2015 Saturday, July 3 , 4, 2015.

Courir sous les étoiles de la médina